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[Updated again] Server List (We're on Ehmry Bay)

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[Update 2]: Playing on Ehmry Bay

[UPDATE]:  We've chosen Sorrow's Furnace for Beta.  We'll reassess when launch comes.

Which server should we play on during the beta event and/or during launch?

* Anvil Rock
* Borlis Pass
* Henge of Denravi
* Maguuma
* Kaineng
* Jade Quarry
* Fort Aspenwood
* Ehmry Bay
* Darkhaven
* Vasburg
* Eredon Terrace
* Crystal Desert
* Tarnished Coast
* Steamspur Mountains
* Blazeridge Mountains
* Isle of Janthir
* Sea of Sorrows
* Deldrimor
* Moladune
* Eternal Grove

Sorrow's Furnace!

Ferguson's Crossing

Why? Should be fairly unpopular cause of the name and maybe less lag.

I want sorrows furnace

Don't know how accurate this is but(and Bartillo already mentioned one of them):

--- Quote ---We'll want to avoid Anvil Rock as I belive that's where 4chan is going to lay down roots. Reddit, Something Awful and Penny Arcade might be on Yak's Bend. The SA goons may decide to go over to Sea of Sorrows to avoid Reddit.

--- End quote ---


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